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NEW  |  FEB 1, 2023


New home, huh? And possibly some new changes too. With The Glen Shopping Centre by your side, you can turn your house into a home and retain that honeymoon feeling 24/7. Let’s take a look at how you can decorate each room to keep it looking fresh, chic, cute, and timeless. 

Got Kids? Give Them Freedom 

Famous influencer and beauty mogul Kim Kardashian says she lets her children decorate their rooms however they want because it helps them be themselves, plus it is their space. If you have children and don’t know where to start with their decor, maybe try asking them what they’d like. While we know children often change their minds with time, and the action figure they like now may change in a few months, the trick is to decorate with things you know can be easily replaced, remade, or resold. Visit The Glen Shopping Centre’s Mr Price Home to shop bedding, comforters, ottomans, furniture and accessories that are themed to different seasons, cartoon characters, or moods. Ensure that you let your children gain creative freedom in order for them to get a sense of trust and worthiness over their opinions. Plus, you will have one (or more) less room(s) to worry about. 

Where You Make Hearty Meals 

The kitchen is every home’s pride and joy. It is where wholesome meals are made, and often connections are formed through family cooking and baking activities. You want to ensure that your kitchen stays fresh and ventilated at all times, so keep the space smelling amazing with some air fresheners to start. Some fruit in a basket will also give your home a fresh feeling, and nothing like a brand-new bunch of flowers every now and then to liven up the space.

When choosing kitchen appliances, try to go for sets that match if you are planning on placing your appliances on display. You do not want your kitchen counter to look too busy, so try to avoid putting too much on counters. You can use your kitchen counter as a coffee or tea station and decorate it with matching crockery that will keep your teas and coffees looking chic enough to pour. If you have storage in your cupboard, consider having most of your appliances in there to avoid a busy counter. Those were trendy about a decade ago. Visit The Glen Shopping Centre’s @home Living Space and shop kitchen utensils, appliances, and more at affordable prices, as well as payment options tailored to you. 

Where You Get Entertainment 

The TV or lounge area is often a cosy space where the family will indulge in some movies or series. Create the type of space that is easy to clean and can ‘survive’ through a popcorn attack. In this area, especially if you have children, you want to keep natural tones. So browns, greys, black, and slight bits of white for your furniture. Then capitalise on decor by hanging pictures of the family everywhere; if there are drawings the kids did, frame and hang those too, and don’t forget to add plants. They liven up any room. Coricraft at The Glen Shopping Centre has all your lounge and home essentials, and you can score some lovely accessories to complete your space and make it the sanctuary you know it is. 

Where You Lay Your Head 

Your bedroom, your private, safe haven that you can create into any mood, season or theme you like. With bedrooms, try to keep them simple yet personal. Add some candles and indoor plants to help keep the scent fresh, and add a large mirror close to your window so you can use natural light when getting ready. Trust us; it’s much better. If you have an en-suite bathroom (fancy), consider keeping the same theme as your bedroom for your bathroom, and shop some amazing towels, linen, mirrors, candles, wall art, plants and planters from the likes of Mr Price Home, Coricraft, as well as Continental Linen from the Glen Shopping Centre. If you want to change your bed completely, you can say “hello” to a new bed by heading to The Glen Shopping Centre’s Dial-A-Bed

When You Dine, Do It In Style 

Keeping the spark, romance and wholesomeness of a home is dependent on those who live in it. And, you and your family’s memories will be the perfect forever honeymoon if you create memories together. Consider having a dining room area where you will all sit and dine together always so that you give each other time to bond and catch up.

If you are planning to host people, visit Carrol Boyes in The Glen Shopping Centre and shop some amazing crockery and cutlery to charm those guests of honour and showcase how wholesome your home is.

Final Words 

When it comes to filling your home with love and memories, we trust you. When it comes to filling your home with amazing furniture and decor essentials, we’re going to need you to trust us. See you at the best home decor shops in Johannesburg in The Glen Shopping Centre for your next home decor project.

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