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Entertainment For The Whole Family



Entertainment for the Whole Family

Whether it’s school holidays or weekends with the family, entertainment is one of the most essential parts of spending time together. At The Glen Shopping Centre, we have an array of stores and places of interest to ensure you and your family’s bonding time is an enjoyable experience and then some. Let’s take a look at what you can do to keep the whole family entertained and where to shop for what. 

Play Some Old School Card Games

Oh, how we love a classic session of card games. You and your family can indulge in some general knowledge questions and answers with 30 Seconds or teach the little ones Crazy8 and UNO while spending some time together. Visit Game at The Glen Shopping Centre to get all your card games at affordable prices and create a buzz and some competition around the house. 

Go for a Picnic or Create Your Own Indoors

Depending on what you and the family feel like, you can pack a picnic basket, hit the road to some of Johannesburg’s beautiful parks and lakes, and enjoy some chill time with your loved ones over delicious snacks and cold beverages. If you want to bring the picnic vibes home, consider setting up in the garden or in a room around the house, and get every family member to bring something to nibble on from the kitchen. This could also be a fun way to let the kids take part in organising and setting up for the indoor picnic while you cut your setup time in half. It’s a win-win if you ask us. Get your picnic essentials and food at The Glen Shopping Centre’s Checkers, Woolworths, Game, and PicknPay. If you are looking for camping chairs or a gazebo, Cape Union Mart’s got you covered. 

Try Some Staycation Vibes

You can entertain and treat the family to a whole new vibe with a staycation. Whether it’s in a coastal region or a place with lots of nature and wildlife, your family will definitely love the vibes of being out there exploring. For this, you may need to do some proper packing and travel planning. So, create a list and figure out how long you want your staycation to be. Is it a weekend or a full week? After deciding on that, inform the whole family and ask each person to create a checklist of what they need to pack and tick it off as they go along. You can shop for luggage and other travel essentials at our many stores in The Glen Shopping Centre, so worry not about where you’ll find stuff. 

Toys for AlL

If you have a house filled with little ones that love playing and running around, consider stopping by Toys R Us and Toy Kingdom at The Glen Shopping Centre. Here, you can get toys for kids of all ages, and who knows? You might score something for yourself, too. If you have a house full of gadget lovers, Incredible Connection, Game4U, and V Gadgets are some of the stores to take advantage of and buy your essentials there. 

Paint, Sip, and Catch Up

Another fun family activity is to create a Sip & Paint type of vibe where you will serve the kids a juice-tasting experience while you enjoy some painting. Get your painting supplies at Game and other stores at The Glen Shopping Centre, and curate the perfect snack platters with our grocery stores. You can also get some puzzles and have an awesome, artsy family day filled with fun. 

Let Someone Else do the Cooking

Maybe you feel like you have been cooking for the family for some time and need a bit of a break, too. The Glen Shopping Centre has a few family restaurants that will make your lunch or dinner place a little more special. Try the likes of Panarottis, Spur, Steers, and Nando’s for some flavourful foods and drinks, and top it off with dessert from Milky Lane or Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream. Salivating yet? 

Final Words: Don’t Forget to Check In

While the goal is to entertain the whole family, you may want to have some conversations with your family to check in on their feelings and how they’re doing. You can also ask them to journal love notes to one another, reminding each other of how special you all are. This will strengthen your bonds and ensure that each of you understands how important you are as a family. Come to The Glen Shopping Centre for some inspiration and shopping, and make family entertainment fun-filled and memorable.

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