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Ways To Make Your Getaway Prepping Easy

GET THE LOOK  |  MAY 5, 2023


So, you’ve found the destination and accommodation, and rallied up your team or partner for a trip ‘of a lifetime’. But, as the days to lift off approach, your list of responsibilities seems to grow. With The Glen Shopping Centre by your side, you can rest assured knowing you have some of the best retail stores in Johannesburg South, to ensure your getaway preparations are a walk in the park. Read on for tips on how to maximise on packing properly and prepping for your getaway, and which stores at The Glen Shopping Centre have the perfect packing essentials for you. 

Pack Smart, Not Light 

We know that it is almost impossible to tell someone who is travelling to pack light. Because, what do you pack? Especially if you are visiting places with uncertain weather changes (not pointing fingers at anyone, Cape Town), or if you are planning on exploring the place at night. You will need to have clothes that are not just trip-ready, but comfortable, warm and maybe rain-resistant too. So, when it comes to packing clothes, consider making travel bag organisers part of your packing essentials list. These are the small bags that you can fit your clothes and accessories, and then pack them into the main travel luggage. Organised luggage is a surefire way to manipulate some space and gain more from your bags. 

Also, remember to roll your clothes more than fold them, as that creates more space in your luggage, and always put the first outfit(s) you are planning on wearing once you arrive at your destination at the top. This will eliminate the immediate ‘mess up the room’ routine we all indulge in when we get to our hotels, and who doesn’t want a clean space on their first night there, right? 

And if you are looking for luggage, Cellini at The Glen Shopping Centre promises premium, luxury luggage, specialising in leather goods, back-to-school backpacks, travel bags, wallets, gifts and more! Pop past Cellini at The Glen and invest in quality before your next trip.

Camping Trip? Pack Right 

When it comes to outdoor trips like that camping excursion or fishing trip you’ve been putting off, The Glen Shopping Centre has got the perfect inspiration for you. Pop by Cape Union Mart and shop a range of jackets, tops, bottoms, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and kids. Whether you are looking for the classic Insulated & Down Jackets, or shopping for a new pair of hiking boots, Cape Union Mart has range, style, and durability at your fingertips. 

And if you like documenting or perhaps are a documentarian of beautiful moments in nature, you can shop gadgets such as action cameras and drones, lighting equipment such as headlamps and torches, and even portable power essentials. Let your next outdoor adventure be the only thing you have to worry about, not what to pack for it. Pop by Cape Union Mart and let the experts assist you. 

Remember The Essentials 

Travelling is fun because it introduces us to new things, foods, and people. Travelling is also slightly nerve-wracking for the same reasons. From food poisoning to allergic reactions to sunburn (calm down, we’re getting somewhere), you can sometimes feel like there is too much to think about. Lucky for you, The Glen Shopping Centre is also home to Clicks and DisChem – where health, hygiene and self-care are held at the forefront. Offering services such as pharmacies and access to pay with medical aid for prescriptions and some over-the-counter (OTC) medicine at the pharmacies, they are changing the way people access health and encouraging them to take care of themselves. You can shop a range of vitamins and supplements in-store, and with their rewards programmes and promotions, you are guaranteed to save a few bucks here and there. 

Don’t Forget To Treat Yourself 

Once you are done getting your ducks in a row, have answered the question “are there any wellness products stores near me?”, and packing your essentials, it’s time to sort out your grooming. How are you heading to vacation? Are you cutting your hair and adding a nice fade, or are you braiding? And what about your nails, face, and all that? 

Well, fear not because Sorbet at The Glen Shopping Centre is here for you. Sorbet is more than just a beauty therapy hub; they are also passionate about service. In their words, it is the ‘spine of their business’, and they live that value through and through. Visit The Glen Shopping Centre’s Sorbet and pamper yourself with a new hairdo, a new set of nails, or some travel skincare essentials. The world is your oyster. 

Ready, Set, Travel 

Remember to make your getaway about the memories you will be creating with loved ones. It is great to have your plans formulated before the trip because we all know life happens. Don’t forget to create a to-do list and tick off tasks as you complete them. Other than that, have fun out here and don’t forget to come to The Glen Shopping Centre for all your packing/travelling needs and essentials.

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