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Stay Fashionable: Trends and Styles for Every Season

NEW  |  AUG 3, 2023


Every year, every season, fashion houses, stylists, and fashion influencers tell us what to buy and look for when you want to stay ahead of the game. However, nothing beats timeless pieces that can stand the test of any season, and at The Glen Shopping Centre, we have ladies’ stores that can help you upgrade your wardrobe while staying fashionable, trendy, and, you guessed it, timeless. Let’s take a look at some trends and styles and where to shop for them at The Glen Shopping Centre. 

First, The Intimates 

If there is one thing that never goes out of style, it is intimates and lingerie. How you coordinate your intimates can jolt your confidence while also offering you comfort and style. If you are looking for something lacey to go with your little black dress, or are simply looking for some lingerie shops in Johannesburg to shop for that special gift, then visit The Glen Shopping Centre’s Foschini and The Fix. Under a new site and holding company named ‘bash’, The Fix and Foschini have taken their fashion to the next level. So, pop in and get your new lingerie, some perfumes, or even a whole new wardrobe. 

Speaking Of Wardrobe, Let’s Talk Clothes 

Finding timeless pieces is not too hard when you shop with The Glen. For styles for all seasons, this is the place for you. Wondering where to look when trying to buy timeless pieces, well, let’s take a look: 

Denim: Whether it’s tops or bottoms, denim will never go out of style, and we have seen how pairing a denim-on-denim look with a pair of chic shoes can elevate your whole look. Factorie is one of those stores that has been getting a lot of buzz around their denim collections and curations. 

Stripes: A striped suit or solid pants paired with a striped shirt will make you look ladylike and powerful all at once. Always go for vertical stripes, as horizontal ones tend to look baggy and uniform-like. Visit Refinery Clothing and PQ at The Glen Shopping Centre and shop for your stripes and other interesting designs we will discuss further. 

Prints: Prints can be fun and interesting, especially if you are wearing them as a kimono or a shirt. Go for bold shirts like T-shirts that have quotes and urban dictionary slang and put a cute African print kimono on top, plus a pair of jeans or a skirt, and you will give casual with a touch of sass. 

Layers: We know layering is usually a winter sport, but this can work in other seasons like fall and spring. If you are a corporate baddie (social media dubbed this term to determine working women), you may need to layer for the office. Remember to fuse colours that complement each other, but you can play around with contrasting colours, like a soft pink with a solid green blazer. 

Colour Block: This will never go out of style or season, and though it may seem risky, it could work in your favour. Try a simple look like yellow and violet or red and blue. 

You can shop for the above trends and more at The Glen Shopping Centre’s Truworths, Miladys, Contempo, and even Pep. They offer affordable clothing for you to zhush up your wardrobe, so come on down for a visit. 

Finding Fashion Is Easy, Styling However… 

We’ve all heard that fashion is affordable, but style is not something money can buy. So, how do you style? 

First, identify which parts you want to focus on most. For example, if you want to show off your neckline and collarbone, you will have to consider low neck and backless clothes as they will flatter your silhouette and show off those features. 

If you have a small chest, try to steer away from baggy clothes and capitalise on belts, as the focus on your waist will automatically make your bust show more. 

If you are somebody who is looking to create a slimmer look, a little black dress will always be your bestie. Get yourself a couple of mini, midi, and bodycon long maxi dresses, and bring sexy back with ease. 

Now For The Shoes 

Forward! Best foot, just in case... You never know which doors will open for you, so always have the right shoes and be prepared. Nothing beats finding the right shoe stores Johannesburg has to offer, and The Glen Shopping Centre can help with that. YDE and Studio 88 at The Glen have high heels and flat shoes to complement whichever look you’re going for. Pop in for a visit and let that first step in the right direction be in the best pair of shoes. 

Final Stitch 

We know choosing a look for any season can be stressful, even worse when you have to invest in pieces that will last you all seasons. Be kind to yourself and make a mood board your future fashion self will thank you for. Remember to tap into some celebrity styles, and pull a ‘get the look’ on that Kim K or Rihanna aesthetic with ease, and come to The Glen Shopping Centre to make your fashion dreams a reality. We’ve got you!

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