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Spruce Up Your Space with a Seasonal Facelift

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  MAY 10, 2022


They say there's nothing a good lick of paint can't fix, but don't pull on your overalls just yet – there are trendy, timeless and seasonal updates you can make to your home without cracking open a can. 

Whether you're hung up on summer or waiting for winter, beat the seasonal blues with home decorating ideas on a budget. Dust off the old and in with the new decor, linens, ornaments and more to make your immediate surroundings a place filled to the brim with solace and happiness; one that's as comfortable, cosy and convenient as possible.

Here are a few ways you can update your home season after season. 

Add a Pop of Seasonal Colour 

Although relatively unexplored, colour psychology dictates that colour affects your mood and can even manipulate a space, making it feel warmer, colder, bigger or smaller. Colours and their impact on space should be considered when giving your home a seasonal facelift. 

From curtains to rugs, vases, candles and more, make sure every room in your home has two seasonal colour schemes to rotate throughout the year. Cool your space down with dusty, deep blues, metallic greys or white in the sweltering summer months and warm things up in winter with a toasty red, orange, copper or brown. Make sure that the colour palette is cohesive throughout your living space, sprinkled in where possible for a polished, clean look. 

Explore a range of accessories at @home, Home etc. or Mr Price Home at The Glen. 

Top It off With a Throw 

Sometimes all a space needs is a throw to take it from spring to autumn in a matter of minutes! Winter and autumn are all about adding rich, textured layers and mood-setting cosy colours – picture being cuddled up next to a fireplace on a chilly afternoon as the inspiration. 

Adding this extra touch to a space not only elevates the look and feel of the room but encourages downtime by making the space feel more comfortable and inviting. 

Easily modify your home's seasonal tone at @home; choose from a range of thick throws or blankets with additional texture or light summery and airy linens.

Change Your Bedding 

The same can be said for bedding; switching from bright, airy whites and lighter fabrics to darker, richer shades in thicker, heavier fabrics can completely transform a bedroom from summer to winter. We recommend a trip to Sheet Street or Continental Linen at The Glen for an extensive range of comforters, bedspreads, pillow covers and more. 

Start a Cushion Collection 

Create a calming, comfy space to snuggle into by swapping out your decorative cushions as the seasons change – indoors or outdoors; cushions add a splash of colour and polish to every home. Opt for warmer shades in winter like burgundy, honey-yellow, or natural browns; keep it cool in summer and spring with hues of blue or embrace the current trends on offer at Mr Price Home

An excellent space-saving tip is to buy cushion covers that already fit the cushions you own and to swap them out when the seasons change or as trends come and go – keeping your space current all year long. 

Go Green 

When it feels like something is missing from a space, but you can't quite put your finger on it, it's probably a plant. Plants are a great way to bring more nature into your surroundings all year round, plus research shows that they increase mood and reduce stress.  

Add one to your space, swap out the pots of existing plants for a more current look and feel or if you're all thumbs and none of them green, there are realistic-looking faux plants that'll add the same touch of greenery as the real deal at @home

Freshen up a Bookshelf or Change Up Your Entryway 

Nothing changes a space more than decluttering your bookshelves, especially if they're tall and take up the majority of a room's wall space. Make your bookshelves more intentional by swapping your books around, playing with stacking and up-right looks, or by popping into Home etc. and adding seasonal decor accents and accessories like vases or sculptures to break up the books or fill in blank spaces. 

Likewise, a small tweak to your entryway like replacing an easily accessible beach umbrella, a woven basket for sandals and shoes with a stand for scarves and hats, or a mat for wiping the water off of wintery boots can take the space from summer to winter in a flash. 

Final Thoughts 

You may look at your space and see bored, bland and tired, but we see a blank canvas! Take it room by room; updating your space in even the smallest ways with a hint of colour, trendy accessories or piece of accent decor can make your home feel brand new. Visit The Glen for the best assortment of home decor shops in Johannesburg and spruce up your space today.

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