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Set Your Sight On New Goals With Eyewear From These Stores

NEW  |  JAN 31, 2023


Brand new goals? Set your sights on a better you and shop for a new pair of eyewear from The Glen Shopping Centre’s eyewear stores and optometrists. Why? You deserve to see the world through clear lenses. 

Eye Glasses 

We understand that your glasses are going to form part of your frequent or everyday life, meaning you need to find something that not only works with your style but your face, aesthetics, and everything else they could possibly blend into. So, let’s take a look at how you can determine which shape of eyewear to get if you have a certain type of face. 

Square-shaped Face 

Because square-shaped faces are all about angular features such as a prominent jawline or a wider forehead, you want to add contrast and dimension to these features. A first recommendation would be to go for frames that are more curved and/or circular as well as thinner. Another pick for a square-shaped face is the classic cat-eye glasses, as they have the desired curved effect that complements the angles of the face. 

Round-shaped Face 

With round-shaped faces, you want to lean toward clear frames that let your natural beauty and personality shine through without piling on too many distractions. Clear frames aren't too bold or geometric, so they soften round faces and make eyes pop. Retro cat-eye frames with broader rims are another type of eyeglasses that flatter a round face. Strong geometric and angular frames go well with the supple youth of round features. To avoid having your glasses rest on your cheeks, glasses with lenses that are wider than they are higher can also assist. 

Heart-shaped Face 

People who have heart-shaped features are admired for having prominent cheekbones, a sharply tapering jawline, a longer chin, and a larger forehead. For them, we suggest frames that are a bit wider than your forehead. Something rectangular, so to speak. However, another option for heart-shaped faces would be the cat-eye, as it sweeps up the face and does a great job of highlighting prominent cheekbones while balancing out the rest of your face. 

Oval-shaped Face 

One might argue that this is the easiest face to shop glasses for as they go with almost every frame. Oval faces look best with round or aviator-style frames since they are slightly broader than the widest portion of your face and draw attention to all of your features. Since you can get away with it, you may also experiment with strong materials or fun forms. 

Shopping For Glasses 

Now that you get a sense of the type of spectacles that will go with your face, we suggest you make a quick stop at The Glen Shopping Centre to shop from our Spec-Savers, Torga Optical, The Glen Optometrist, and Execuspecs, which offer a range of glasses at affordable prices. Depending on what you are looking for, your affordability, as well as medical aid benefits (if you have medical aid), you can easily get your hands on a new set of eyewear to ensure you see the world…clearer. 

Lenses Are Your Friend, Too 

If you are not into glasses or want to try out contact lenses, then don’t hesitate to make a stop at Specsavers as well as The Glen Optometrist so you can tailor your lenses to suit you. There are lots of colours to choose from and you will not only have dashing eyes but better-seeing ones too. 

Final Words 

We understand that looking for the perfect spectacles isn’t as easy as typing out “spectacles or eyewear near me” in your search engine, but we hope the next time you won’t have to, as you will know The Glen Shopping Centre is your perfect stop for the perfect eyewear in Johannesburg south. See you in our stores soon.

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