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MUST HAVES  |  OCT 21, 2022


When we talk about health, we will often talk about things like clean dieting and exercising. While these are important to the health of our bodies in many areas, our overall health is determined by much more. Have you considered looking into the health of your eyes? Eye health isn’t just something one must take seriously with age, but rather start early enough to have great vision later in life. Like anything else health-related, the sooner, the better! Let’s see how we can protect our little peepers and even improve sight. 

How much does eye health matter?

Our eyes are more than just two white balls with a small blue, green or brown circle, and they are more than just markers of beauty. Our eyes provide the most important sense of our entire body. Seeing is truly believing when it comes to the relationship between our eyes and our brains. Over 80% of the information our brain receives comes from our sight. Think about it for a second… our eyes kind of work like the screenshot feature on our smartphones. They capture information big and small, and our brain stores them for eternity. If that doesn’t show you how important it is to have good eye health, perhaps these fun facts will:

  • Our eyes are crucial to our survival. The sense of sight helps us spot and register danger in seconds.
  • Our eyes help break the barrier of communication. For example, we are able to understand sign language and facial expressions with our sight.
  •  Our eyes help with memory. Ever heard of photographic memory? That is the ability to remember a piece of information in great detail by capturing it visually.

Treat yourself to great eyewear 

The Glen Shopping Centre is your one-stop destination for your affordable spectacles and all eye care needs. We have a wide selection of eye products and top healthcare professionals to guide you on your journey to better sight. We pride ourselves on housing some of the best optometry stores in South Africa. These stores truly care about the health of your eyes and provide great customer service to ensure you find the right treatment and specs for better eyesight.

Check out Execuspecs and their range of fresh and trendy spectacles. They stock a few high-end brands for those who love to invest in fashionable pieces. Head in-store or online to book an appointment to get your eyes tested. You also get to select a few frames for home try-on at no fee. Once you’ve chosen your pair, return the rest to the store and purchase the one you like. When you buy an eye frame and lenses with an anti-reflective coating or blue control, you can get twice as much on the double-dealing discount of your dreams. Upgrade your 20-20 vision with this incredible two-for-one Baker eyewear twin-frame set. 

For the widest selection of designer specs and sunglasses, Dynamic Vision will have you sorted. Dynamic vision is saving your sight with their discounted deals on their single vision and multifocal lenses. Get your hands on their comprehensive packages and eyewear essentials. Whether you’re near or far, you will have your sight set on their best branded eyewear for specs and sunglasses.

If you can’t bare the glare, look no further than Sunglass Hut for all your sensational style needs, turning your eyecare essentials into elegance one frame at a time. From Ray-Bans and Prada to Burberry and Versace, the household name for stylish acclaim is your best bet at bagging branded sunglasses and lavish lenses that will elevate any look.

They have everything from the trendiest pieces to timeless frames. Speaking of trendy, Torga Optical stocks stylish frames for all face shapes with their in-house brand. When it comes to value for money, Specsavers is your number one choice for affordable eye care and quality optometry products. Enjoy great deals and save while sporting chic frames about town!

Final words

Behind every great frame are two fantastic mechanisms we call eyes. The importance of eye care is invaluable, and the earlier you start, the better chance you have at great sight well past your years. Remember, health is wealth and the best investment you can make for yourself. Head over to some of the best optometrists in Johannesburg at The Glen Shopping Centre.

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