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Make Shopping with Your Little Ones Stress-free

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  MAY 10, 2022


​​Every parent knows what it's like to sift through the pile of playschool appropriate clothes, you know, the ones with clumps of craft glue, grass stains and a hole on the knee, and the slightly better-looking batch for the weekend, birthday parties and outings. 

We also know that as time goes by and more t-shirts, socks and dresses are exiled to the playschool pile, a shopping trip is on the horizon. 

Whether your kiddos are big or small, getting them excited about shopping can oftentimes be challenging – especially if they're easily frustrated by trying on five pairs of jeans before you've found the right fit. 

This is why we've taken the hassle out of a trip to the mall with three top tips for treating your tots to a shopping spree. 

1. Get a Lay of the Land and Know Your Wardrobe Go-tos 

Like adults, little ones love to express themselves through clothing and accessories, whether it be a mismatched outfit from head to toe or a back-to-front pair of pants; encouraging your kiddos to express themselves in this way promotes creativity and embraces their still-developing self-identity.

When it comes to buying new clothes for a child, there are a number of things to consider. Are they comfortable? Do they fit properly? Does your kid actually like what they're trying on? 

Making sure you know which stores to hit first, like the ones you typically have the highest success rate at, is always a good idea. 

That said, don't be afraid to deviate from the plan. Little ones tend to hit a growth spurt without warning or develop a sudden and unwavering affection for dinosaurs or princesses, and everything, and we mean EVERYTHING, they wear must now be centred around this newfound affection. So when in doubt, browse about and find something that works for you and your tot. 

From the eco-conscious approach of Earth Child Clothing to the funky, expressive range at Cotton On Kids, Mr Price, Ackermans, PEP, and Pick n Pay Clothing, The Glen shopping centre is packed to the brim with variety in kidswear. 

2. Embrace Their Interests and Make It About Them

Avoid any inevitable tantrums and stop off at a store or two they enjoy. This serves as a welcome break from hunting for a pair of shoes in their size, trying on garments and long lines at the check-out points. Plus, it's an opportunity for them to show you what they're excited about and enforces the idea that the trip to the mall is about them. 

If your little one is a budding gamer geek and a hardcore gizmo fan, then stop off at BT Games or tap into your little one's imagination and travel back into lands before time, sip tea with mermaids or speed race your way across the milky way at two of the best toy shops in Johannesburg, Toys R Us and Toy Kingdom

3. Pack It Full of Educational Fun

Keeping your kids entertained and engaged is the secret ingredient to a stress-free shopping spree. Why not make it educational?

Say "Hello" to Social Skills 

Developing social skills is essential for children, and a trip to the mall is a great way to do just that! Little ones benefit from observing, encountering, and interacting with people outside of their everyday circle – it teaches them to communicate effectively and efficiently. Plus, a shopping centre is the perfect place to put developing social skills into practice by waiting your turn, being polite, patient and asking for assistance. 

Make it a Game 

Develop your little one's pre-reading skills while you make your way through the mall with a round of eye spy; count the stores you pass or hunt for letters and numbers in store names or on receipts. You could also make a list of the stores you're planning to visit or the items you need to purchase and have them cross these items off as you gather them. 

Take Responsibility for the Moola 

Make the trip to the mall an opportunity to teach your tots about money. Give your older kiddos more responsibility and try letting them pass over money, handle change, and add up costs before you get to the till. You could even give them a budget to work within for a toy or treat of their choice – this creates a sense of ownership, responsibility and accomplishment.  

Final Thoughts 

Upgrading your little one's wardrobe, with a spoil sprinkled in between, has never been easier – simply take our tips into account, hurry to The Glen and pop into some of the best kids’ clothing shops in Johannesburg.

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