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NEW  |  AUG 3, 2023


Are you a fitness, wellness, and beauty fanatic looking for ways to take care of your inner and outer self? The Glen Shopping Centre has a range of sports and wellness stores that will make any Johannesburg resident get their wellness going while staying kind to their pocket. Let’s look at some stores to get fit and wellness affordably. You ready? 

Invest In Quality Training Shoes

Whether you’re a runner or a fitness bunny, you need the right shoes to keep you going and maintain your posture while ensuring your legs don’t suffer. Adidas, Totalsports, The Cross Trainer, and Mr Price Sport are your best bet. These stores not only sell some of the best shoes you will ever get for your training, but they also have the right gear for you. Pop them a visit and see for yourself. 

Clothes That Can Withstand Weather Are Essential 

Every fitness fanatic knows that your workout can easily be cancelled due to unsettling weather conditions. Beat the rain and the cold by shopping for some fitness clothes that are designed to cool you down on hot days and warm you up on those cold ones. Visit The Glen Shopping Centre’s sports stores and score some new sporty threads. 

Self Care Is Important To Self, Get Into It 

We know taking care of yourself fitness-wise is essential, but true wellness is knowing how to give yourself the right skincare essentials. With the help of The Glen Shopping Centre’s Woolworths, you’ll find the right essential products, from serums to lotions, and even supplements you can take when you want to boost your iron and vitamin intake. Remember to consult your doctor if you want to try new supplements and find out what will be beneficial to you. 

When You Want To Pamper Yourself 

We can’t talk wellness and self-care without touching on the beauty that is getting your nails done or a facial from experts such as Sorbet. Sorbet is a nationwide beauty therapy hub with over 200 Stores countrywide. From manicures to pedicures, skincare and body massages, good hair days and bad hair days (and unwanted hair days), they’re here to serve up a double scoop of “Amazing” all week long. When you’re passionate about something, you know it. How? Because it draws you in. It ignites “something” inside of you, and it tickles your bones with excitement.

So, when you’re passionate about service, you know it. You breathe it. You live it because you live to improve the lives of others.  Service is the spine of Sorbet’s business. It is what they are built on and around. Their service is what keeps them walking tall and standing proud. Their branch at The Glen Shopping Centre is no different, offering amazing service coupled with a range of treatments that’ll leave you relaxed and looking fab. 

Shopping For The Good Food 

If you want to start making your own smoothies or creating those TikTok healthy recipes you’ve been saving, or if you are looking for ready meals, then The Glen Shopping Centre’s Checkers has everything you need and more. From salads to salad ingredients, juices and juice shots, supplements, vegetables, etc. Checkers has it all. Pop into Checkers, and let’s get your health and wellness on. 

Remember To Take It Easy On Yourself 

One of the most important things any fitness and wellness enthusiast will tell you is to listen to your body. Do so with your mind as well, and allow yourself rest and relaxation when needed. There is no glory in putting yourself through excruciating pain all in the name of fitness and wellness, so take that self-care to a whole new level. Plus, The Glen Shopping Centre doesn’t just have sports stores only, but there are lots of restaurants, eateries, and entertainment places for when you want to spoil yourself, so take advantage of that. Remember, your health and wellness matter. See you in our stores soon. 

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